Parish Choir

The Parish choir sings at the 7.00am and 6.00pm mass on every

Sunday. This choir has been part of the parish since the inception

of the church. This choir sings for church functions, weddings, requiem masses, anniversary services and so on. We have 11 members in the choir. Please contact the choir coordinator for booking for any events.

Choir coordinator – Mrs. Joyce Henry

Organist – Mrs. Surani Mendis

Contact Us / Join us:

Mrs. Joyce Henry 2506186

Mrs. Suwini Abesundara 2582895, 0775917000

Youth Choir

The Youth Choir was formed in 2014 under the. Then parish priest, Rev. Fr. Sunil De Silva. The need for youth participation at services was the primary objective of this group. Around 5 members accompanied and led by Nuran Gomez was the Initial.choir. This choir sings for 2 masses ......every alternate week on a Saturday at 6.15 pm.

Sanchia Steinwall - coordinator

  • Takes part in joint choir services of the church.

  • Takes part in the parish Christmas carols

  • Sings for the 6.15 pm , every alternate saturday.

Contact Us / Join us:

sanchiasteinwall [at]

nurangomez [at] 0712738255

Childrens Choir

The need for a children's choir arose due to commencing of a children's mass at 10.30 am which commenced in 2008 under the then parish priest ..Rev. Fr. Srian Ranasinghe. Members from Sunday school were invited to join after an audition..

Currently...we have around 25 members who sing with us for the 10.30 am mass

Choir coordinator- Nirasha Gomez

  • sings for 10.30 mass
  • Takes part in Parish carols
  • Accompanies the Nativity play.
  • Sings for first Holy communion service

We hope to organise a professional to come and train the children once a month so as to cultivate their interest further and gear them to later join the youth choir

Contact Us / Join us:

Nirasha 0777818970 WhatsApp 0777280759

nirashagomez [at]

St. Mary’s Choral Group

The present St. Mary's Choral Group began as the Youth Choir of St. Mary's Church in 1973 when Redemptorist Priests Rev. Fr. Gino Henriques & Rev. Fr. Shanti Abeysingha conducted a youth program at St Mary's and introduced a more vibrant style of music to the Mass. The parish priest at that time was Fr. Basil Weeratunge, and his Assistant was Rev. Fr. Reginald Saparamadhu. It was in many ways an off-shoot of the St. Mary's Choral Group (SMCG) and Youth Choir begun by the Rome- ordained Rev. Fr. Claver Perera when he was Assistant Parish Priest, in 1967 as it comprised mostly the members of those choirs.

The initial selection of the youth choir music comprised of songs such as; My Sweet Lord, I'd like to teach the world to sing , and selections from the off-Broadway musical Godspell.

The choir grew informally by word of mouth, the average age being 19. Soon the choir was singing at the 8.30am Sunday mass, continuing to call themselves the Youth Choir - maybe justified by the selection of music and youthful attitude of its members some of whom may not technically have been youth anymore! Perhaps the name was also prompted by the fact that St Mary’s has for many years prided itself in having an outstanding Church Choir conducted at that time by renowned late Prof. Earle de Fonseka with a membership of many renowned singers including the late Lorraine Abeysekera, Bede de Zilwa, and Mary Anne David - the last still contributes to the music world. Hence the label youth choir was more an aspect of differentiation!

Though it initially began with guitars, there was the addition of an organ which accompanied a mixture of modern songs and ballads such as He aint heavy he’s my brother and songs by the Beatles, Bread, Blood Sweat and Tears and Queen. More instruments such as bass and electric guitars, saxophone, piano, clarinet and flute were added in 1978.

In 1980 Fr. Claver, the new parish priest guided the Youth Choir and introduced serious mixed voice choral harmonies. He further shared his experience in Italy. Fr. Claver built up the Choir's repertoire in Choral music and plainchant. The Parish invested in a Viscount Domus 8 organ for the church, further enriching the standard of the choir. In 1986 the choir under the direction of Fr. Claver, released its first cassette titled Pass it On which was popular and widely sought.

The choir went on to perform at concert venues, hotels in Colombo, Choral festivals and at the National Seminary in Ampitiya. A major milestone was its participation in the Mozart Death Bicentenary Choral Festival held at the Anglican Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour by the late Kalasuri Lylie Godridge. The introduction of a Yamaha EL90, enhanced the singing further with a wider repertoire.

In June 2007 the choir changed its name to St. Mary's Choral Group or SMCG, a name dating from Fr. Claver's original male voice choir of 1967. The choir still sings at the 8.30am Sunday Eucharistic Celebration which is its primary function.

It also sings for the Church Feast, selected other major Feasts of the Church, Easter Tridium services the annual Carol Service, and Christmas Midnight Mass. Most of its current members are non- parishioners, and are students or working professionals, giving of their time and talent. It could be said that the secret of its continuity and success in singing comes from a common love of music, and good camaraderie and a solid foundation laid by Fr. Claver and many of its past conductors / directors. By the presence of several generations of its past and present members continuing to contribute and sing for the love of it and in the realisation that good music, makes the liturgy more inspirational. The challenge it faces is the need to keep the momentum with bringing in new members, new thinking ,and expansion of its repertoire ,to be constantly innovating so that especially the liturgy would be living and evolving for the better.

St. Mary’s Choral Group