Parish Pastoral Council and Sub Committees

There are several Sub committees instituted under the Parish Pastoral Council .

The parish pastoral council at St Mary's was established during its early days to assist the parish priest to administer and develop the various aspects of the parish life . It consists of eight sub comities headed by parishioners to look after and assist the parish priest in work related to all pastoral and other activities of the parish .

The council is established for a 5 year term and consists of a mix of members appointed by the parish priest and elected by a general assembly of parishioners . The current council was established in August of 2019 and consists of 26 Members representing all associations and solidarities .

The current Parish pastoral Council Includes,

  • Patron : Fr Trever Martin

  • Secretory : Mario De Alwis

  • Assistant Secretaries : Glen Seneviratne & Nirasha Gomez

Meeting times: The Council meets each month on the third Thursday at 6.30 PM .

Should any parishioner have any issues ,Suggestions or activities to be taken up at the councils meetings please forward it by mail to the secretory by e-mail on or before the third Monday of each month to ( )

  • Establishing the Church security system
  • Supporting needy parishioners during the pandemic
  • Distribution of food during lock down
  • Organizing online Sunday Masses for the parish during Lock down
  • Supporting the Renovation of the Grotto

Under the Parish Council there are several sub committees instituted.

  • Liturgy Committee

Liturgy Committee

Liturgy, is the heart of the catholic church.

It describes all acts of worship that take place within the catholic Church. It means divine worship, all rituals related to proclamation of the Gospel and active charity.

The liturgy committee is the avenue for communication between the different groups in the parish.

It can be grouped in to 4 areas.

  • Preparation
  • Coordination
  • Formation
  • Evaluation

The Liturgy Committee is Headed by. Nirasha Gomez and it’s members include,

  • Nirasha Gomez
  • Shalini Perera
  • Eshantha de Andrado
  • Michele Fonseka
  • Joyce Henry
  • Monica Jayawickrema
  • Christobel Ondaajee
  • Sharron Steinwall
  • Sureeni Fernando
  • Rev. Sr. Henrietta
  • Rev. Sr. Euphrasia
  • Melony Nanayakkara

There are no special meeting days however members get together for special occasions to serve the church. The team works on the following areas,

  • Choosing, selecting and preparing readers for all masses.
  • Overseeing and changing of altar linen.
  • Attending mass leaflets.
  • Selecting appropriate hymns for services, organizing choirs , Organists etc.
  • Assisting wedding parties re. liturgical formalities
  • coordinating with the Parish Priest re. Feasts and Special events in church .