Prayer for the Year of the Eucharist

Lord Jesus, I thank you and praise you / for giving us the Most Holy Eucharist / as the Sacrament of Your Living Presence among us./ Thank you Lord / for the gift of the Holy Mass / in which You speak to me daily through Your Word / and nourish me with Your Body and Blood./

Lord Jesus / make my belief in the Eucharist stronger each day. /Help me to celebrate the Eucharist more meaningfully and devoutly / and above all / help me to live the Eucharist in my daily left / by imitating your self-sacrificing love. / Help me to forgive others / and be an agent of reconciliation and peace./

As I partake of your heavenly food / help me to think of those who are hungry / thirsty / naked and homeless. / Help me to be with the sick/the lonely / the elderly and the marginalized / and be a sign of truth and justice wherever I am./ Let the Eucharistic love I live / transform me to conform myself to you / and to become a blessing for all others around me./ Amen.