Prayer to our Lady for our Country
(Rt. Rev. Dr. Vianney Fernando)

O Most Loving and Tender Mother, Queen and Patroness of Sri Lanka, we humbly ask you to look upon us, your children, in our hour of need. Dearest Mother, you have come to our rescue, even in times of peril, from war and destruction.
In your never failing love for us, we earnestly ask you, to dispel from our midst, all forms of violence and hatred. Help us to build in our land, God's Kingdom of Justice and Love.  Knowing your abiding Love and concern for us, dear mother, we entrust to your loving care and guidance, all races and peoples of our country. Help us to bring about brotherhood, peace and unity in our society. Guide the destinies of our nation and obtain for us lasting peace so that all of us may live as brothers and sisters of one family. Amen.