Holy Week Services at St. Mary's

Palm Sunday Masses as per the regular service.

Maundy Thursday Services

  • 4:00 PM
  • 6:30 PM *Please refrain from brining bread due to the current Health Regulations.

Holy Hours on Maundy Thursday

  • 8.00 to 8.45 conducted by Sunday School and Alter Servers
  • 8.45 to 9.45 PM. conducted by all Societies ( SHC, LEGION, SVP)
  • 9.45 to 10.15 PM. conducted by Sinhala Half Hour
  • 10.15 to 10.45 PM. conducted by Tamil Half Hour
  • 1O.45 to 11.15 PM conducted by Youth
  • 11.15 to MIDNIGHT - Parish Hour

Good Friday Services

Way of the Cross

  • 7.00 AM ( ENGLISH )
  • 8.30 AM (SINHALA)
  • 10.00 AM (TAMIL)

Good Friday Service

  • 3.00 PM
  • 6.00 PM

Veneration of Cross Please adhere to the health regulations.

Holy Saturday

  • 10:00 PM

Easter Sunday

  • 7.00 AM
  • 8.30 AM
  • 10.30 AM
  • 12 Noon

*Please note all masses will be English and NO evening Mass on Easter Sunday.

Regular Services at St. Mary's

Weekday Masses

  • Monday - 6:30 AM
  • Tuesday – 6.30 AM
  • Wednesday : 12:15 PM , 06:10 PM (Novena)
  • Thursday – 6:30 AM
  • Friday -12:15 PM , 06:10 PM (Novena)


  • Wednesday – 6:10 pm Novena to the Holy Spirit followed by Holy Mass.
  • Friday – 06.30 Novena to Infant Jesus followed by Holy Mass.

Holy Hour

  • Every First Friday of the Month 05:30 – 6:30 Holy Hour followed by Holy Mass.

Weekend Masses Saturday

  • 07:00 AM (mass on 01 st Saturday will be held in the grotto, Subject to Weather conditions)
  • 06:15 Mass (Valid for Sunday Obligation)


  • 07:00 AM
  • 08:30 AM
  • 10:30 AM
  • 12:00 NOON
  • 06:00 PM.

*7:00am Mass 1st Sunday (Sinhala), 3rd Sunday (Tamil). All Masses are in English except where noted.

*A Special Anniversary mass will be held every 04th Sunday at 10.30 am for couples celebrating their anniversaries during the month.

Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin (from September 2020) Telephone +94 11 2588745 | Fax +94 11 2580264 | Email: frtrevorg1@gmail.com

About Us

St. Mary's Church

Rev Fr, Trevor Martin and the faithful welcome you to the Church of St. Mary. We are situated in the heart of Colombo in Colombo 04, and serving over 400 families as parishioners. We hope that your time in our Mother Church may be an opportunity to join in fellowship of our faith and joy in Jesus Christ. Please enjoy the beauty of our church dedicated to our Blessed Mother.


  • A special Anniversary mass has been organized on 4th week of every month, couples who celebrate their wedding anniversaries for that particular month and who wish to participate, please contact the parish priest (frtrevorg1@gmail.com , 0773277722) or Mrs. Nirasha Gomaz (nirashagomez@hotmail.com, 077-728-0759) on or before the 2rd Sunday of each month).
  • A penitential and healing service will be arranged once a month on the second Tuesday of each month commencing February 11th at 6.00 pm. to facilitate healing through faith.
  • To enhance our spiritual knowledge a bible study session will be held once a month on the 4th Thursday of each month commencing 28th January 2021 from 6 to 7.30 pm.